Anyone for tennis?

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Hi, I’m Kay!

I’m an English teacher and today we’re talking about tennis

It’s a funny thing, but even though I’m not very sporty, I really perk up when Wimbledon comes around again. Manicured lawns, handsome bronzed players, beautiful people in beautiful clothes, strawberries and cream, delicate little cucumber sandwiches, glasses of Pimm’s – it all looks quite idyllic. What’s not to like?!

Anyone for a glass of Pimms?

By the way, in case you haven’t come across it before, Pimm’s is a classic British summer drink. It’s made from a gin-based liqueur mixed with lemonade or ginger ale and garnished with slices of fruit and mint leaves – a bit like a cold country’s idea of sangría! It’s popular at upmarket summer events and weddings.
Anyway, I mentioned that I’m not very sporty. Actually, to tell you the truth, I’m not the least bit sporty! So the main attraction of Wimbledon, of course, is that I don’t actually have to play any tennis. I can have the strawberries and cream and a glass or three of Pimm’s, all the while enjoying the tournament from the comfort of my own armchair without working up a sweat. That’s definitely my idea of the perfect sporting activity!

Hit it!!!!

Another of the joys of being an armchair critic is that I’m free to dispense advice, although I really do know that Rafa and Andy can’t hear me and, even if they could, certainly have nothing to learn from me. In fact, they’d probably burst out laughing if they could hear me bossing them about. ‘Come on, Rafa, the ball’s in your court!’ ‘Time to get into full swing, Andy! What’s wrong with you, tennis elbow?!’

Playing for the dream…

I suppose another of the attractions of Wimbledon is that, although it’s primarily a showcase for the big beasts of the game, occasionally it throws up a surprise. The selection system, known as seeding, hands out a few wildcards every year. In other words, it accepts a few players whose ranking is not high enough to qualify automatically for the Championships. These wildcards are usually a few young hopefuls and fading stars, and their inclusion is intended to spice up the opening week by adding an element of uncertainty to the proceedings.
And, now and then, something quite thrilling and exhilarating happens. The great Goran Ivanisevic is the only wildcard so far who’s made it all the way from being a rank outsider to winning the men’s singles, but there have been many cases of other wildcards getting much further than anyone – including themselves, usually! – had ever dreamt of even in their wildest dreams.


And one of the nice things about the Wimbledon crowd is that, when someone who’s considered a long shot does well, they tend to get behind him or her. I’m sure that the amazing progress of some of these players is largely down to the crowd’s vociferous enthusiasm for the underdog. It must be quite something to hear all those people rooting for you, especially if you really are a complete unknown, or even if you’re someone whose game has seen better days. Such a public outpouring of affection and support is bound to have quite a strong psychological impact, I would’ve thought.
Well, I’d love to stay and philosophise a little longer, but I have cucumbers to slice and drinks to pour and a comfy armchair awaiting me…game, set and match to me, I think!


Now try and find how we say the following in the text. The questions are in the same order as they are in the text.

  1. animarse
  2. sofisticado, de alta gama
  3. ni en lo más mínimo
  4. sudar la camiseta
  5. te toca a ti reaccionar
  6. ir a toda marcha
  7. sorprender, resultar sorprendente
  8. apoyar (2 expresiones)
  9. el que tiene menos posibilidades
  10. a mi parecer

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